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Heating and Air Conditioning Service Agreement

Click here to find out about our heating and air conditioning services.Consider an Annual Service Agreement keep your system in great shape year round.  Annual maintenance includes checking the combustion efficiency to ensure your heating system is operating at peak performance and checking the air conditioning system to ensure it’s operating within the manufactures recommendations.

Net Zero Annual Service Agreement

  • Priority emergency service 24-7
  • Annual Maintenance included for heat and/or air conditioning
  • Performance inspection reports for a complete history of the equipment maintenance
  • Discounted cost for repairs and service
  • Maintaining peak system performance for lower operating costs
  • Discovering issues before they become costly repairs
  • Recommended by most manufactures to maintain equipment warranties

Benefits to a Net Zero Service Agreement


Having your home’s heating and air conditioning equipment maintained is key to having a reliable, safe and efficient system that you can depend on when you need it the most.  


Your heating and air conditioning system is equipped with several different safety devices to protect both the equipment and the homes occupants from potentially dangerous operating conditions. Having these safety devices checked on a regular basis is very important to maintaining a safe operating system.

Protect Your Investment

A well maintained system will last longer and perform more efficiently.  Protect your investment with an annual agreement!

Whether you have natural gas, oil, propane or electric heat, Net Zero Heating & Air Conditioning can offer a solution.

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5 star review for Netzero Heating and Air Conditioning
Contracted on behalf of others, Net Zero was the best choice. The client is most satisfied with Brian's speedy reply, and professionalism. The work was done on time and on budget, and all aspects from start to finish were done with attention to detail and mindfulness. I definitely recommend Net Zero, with confidence and highest regards.